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My Story

TERESA RAY BRYANT BROWN – Designer – Artist – Realtor

The things I would want someone to know about me!!! I’m a true country girl from the south who has lived a lifetime of design! My love for architecture, (interior and exterior) design, and beautiful homes in general began early around the age of ten. This is the age I remember when I started collecting house plan books. I would re-design floor plans, choose paint colors, and even choose furnishings from my grandmother’s Sears & Roebuck and JC Penney catalogs for my make believe dream homes! Later on in my teenage years, I would re-decorate my bedroom from start to finish, using only what I had to make it work. (Mostly hand me downs from my cousin). Oh how I wish I had pictures to show!

Even at the early age of ten, I somehow knew my life was destined for design! I didn’t have an opportunity to further my education after high school, (my dad would often tell me there’s nothing better than the School of Hard Knocks), so I dove into life head first, and the journey along the way of design began to fit together like a puzzle. Isn’t it funny how life often chooses us, instead of what we choose! Over my lifetime I have discovered we sometimes take the long way around to get where we are going. But, Its not about how we get there, just, that we arrive! Seems even better if you’re a little skinned and tarnished! My life of design seems to have been full circle. I started with only dreams and passion, owned a very successful real estate office for 20 years (selling hundreds of homes) and eventually reached my destination of design!

Having acquired my knowledge and skills through my own initiatives, rather than from formal training, has made me greatly appreciate my opportunities. My passion definitely exceeds my knowledge, and I feel that has been an advantage. In my opinion, passion is so much stronger than expertise! If you don’t know the rules, how can you break them!

My projects originally began with my own homes that I purchased. I initially had an opportunity to use my love and knowledge for both architecture and design to draft and design my own home from start to finish. Since then, my work has progressed from friends and family, to a sizable clientele. Even when I have down time and not working, you will find me curled up in my favorite chair at home, with a favorite home magazine, or the latest Rizzoli release of a new featured designer!

My Personal signature style and separation:

Anyone can have a house, but it takes Art and Passion to make a house, a HOME! (Especially a Memorable, Special Home). INSPIRATION! I live for Inspiration, but I also live to Inspire others! I strive to provide the source of inspiration that captivates memorable lasting design moments that appeal to all senses. It opens your heart and mind to be inspired. DETAIL! I live for Detail also! Detail matters! A home must be warm and welcoming, along with simple and calm! After all, its your sanctuary. Balance and Symmetry are a given. Authentic timeless pieces are so important and I always choose the real thing opposed to fake, if at all possible. Always follow beauty, simplicity, and quality, opposed to trends and fads. I love to add mysterious surprises to keep one intrigued, without revealing a home to soon. This allows a home to appear as though it has evolved over time. I love to bring nature in, and I find it very calming to use the subtle colors that surround us in nature. Functionality and Comfort are also of the utmost importance!! Doesn’t matter how beautiful it is, if it doesn’t serve a purpose. A Home MUST smell wonderful! Think back to a childhood experience or any special event, and notice the ones that smelled amazing are always most memorable. I love incorporating new with the old, especially unique one of a kind antiques! I feel it is so important to use the things we already own! Most people have sentimental family heirlooms or favorite items they have collected along the way, they just need help finding the perfect spot for it. I love finding bargains that are inexpensive and even damaged a little. What a joy it is transforming it into something unique and special. No home could every be complete without lots of greenery, and Fresh Flowers!! My favorite is to use what you have outside surrounding you, whether its fresh fern, oak leaves, or even pine from the woods. Local Art is so important for capturing the history and the feel of the home’s area, and makes the home feel grounded. I must say though, I feel my real niche is creating things that are unexpected and using uncommon items in the most unexpected places! Another biggie for me is being sensible and cost effective, while still insuring a beautiful home, and one that doesn’t have to break the bank!

What makes my house a home?

Of course my family, my friends, and my dog Bella make my home my sanctuary! By the way, every home needs a dog! Below are some of my favorite things and inspirations I have found along the way and even some while traveling. I always keep a list of things I love when I see them, so I don’t forget!

Favorite Finds:
La CornueFe’ Range
Local art/photography
Red Flower Diffuser in Jasmine grandiflorum, (AMAZING)
Patty Wax Soap in Basil /cucumber
Fresh Flowers – A Must!!
Live Branches from the woods
Sentimental Family Items from the past
Laundress Laundry Detergent (smells amazing)
Comfy Sofas -Slip covered (ONLY WAY TO GO)
Pottery Vessels in bathrooms

Favorite Architects / Designers:

  • Bobby McAlpine
  • Ken Tate
  • Susan Ferrier (My all time favorite)
  • Beth Webb
  • Barclay Butera

Although I may not have a degree in interior design, I feel my background, passion, and years of experience give me the credentials to create incredible designs, both in Residential and Commercial properties! Homes are intensely personal, and that is why I listen closely to what each client wants. That is also why no two homes or projects will ever look the same! I sincerely hope I will have an opportunity to help you, make your house, a HOME!!

How you will know you are in one of the homes I have created? Its all in the feeling!! Teresa currently continues to live in the small town of Burnsville, NC near Asheville, with her family. She creates beautiful homes from the mountains to the seas, and can even sell them, if you ever choose!